Tell true stories.


MY MISSION is to use the process of storytelling to create effective communication campaigns that move your audience to action.



STORIES FOR CHANGE engages, educates, and empowers individuals to tell their own stories.


We shape these stories into professional communication campaigns that appeal directly to those you are trying to reach.


When community builds around your campaign, the storytellers become spokespeople and individuals engage with your services. 


What I do.

Why I do it.


As an artist, my work is grounded in the belief that those most affected by a social issue are best equipped to tell their own stories.

Intimate documentary work helps us know individuals who seem very different from us as well as more deeply understand ourselves, our place in our communities and our ability to affect change.

The way I work emphasizes both process and product. 

The process of storytelling mirrors the process of evaluation and discovery necessary to sow the seeds of positive social change. By empowering those most affected by an issue to tell their stories, these individuals naturally choose to advocate for your organization to their peers. By building community through telling stories, we ensure that the materials we produce will engage your target audience. The finished product can take a myriad of forms, but always meets the target audience where they are and is of the same production quality (or higher!) than ad campaigns produced through more traditional processes.

Each project calls for its own unique level of engagement. From deeply collaborative processes to photographing a meeting or shooting an informational video, I strive to connect with and learn from those being featured.

The narratives that surround us shape how we see ourselves and others, and are so often formed and told by those in positions of power. I strive to tell stories through collaboration that allow those featured to truly be seen.



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